Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar App Reviews

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Inaccurate & undependable

Disappointed in this app. For instance, as the Landscape Chairman for our HOA, I need rainfall totals to know how to manage our irrigation. We had thunderstorms here this morning with significant rainfall, but todays precipitation accumulation on the app says 0.00". It is most often inaccurate, both on this app & the associated Storm app. Ive also seen vastly inaccurate temp. readings. If they could fix their accuracy & maybe offer weekly or even monthly rainfall totals, this would be my go to app. It is last on my list as it is now.

The best out there

I have a habit of hoarding weather apps. If it exists, Ive probably got it installed, and I use it. Wunderground is hands down my favorite. Its the most complete out there: it has the best notification widget, the WatchOS app is excellent. Its data is first rate, and is presented clearly, and includes webcams so you can look and see outside at your destination. If you want to dig deeper, it has blogs, videos, and educational resources. For the full experience, download Wundergrounds storm app, which shows winds & precip amazingly well. Im not sure why Storm is split into its own app, but its excellent as well.

Accurate and Detailed

Very reliable.


The app itself is nice, easy to navigate, and accurate. The widget however, is not. It shows up as location name with the temperature being 105 degrees. Fix and I will update the review.

Great app

Love the localised weather data. Will need to buy a PWC and join the Weather Underground!

Nice app

Works for me

Prefer to even purchased apps

The sleek interface, the comprehensive and customizable features makes this my only go to weather app. Also loads much faster than other weathers apps

Works great.

After receiving a weather station for Christmas, I found this app a lot more useful.

Where are the storm tracks

The storm tracks went away in an update a while back but has yet to work again. That was a very important feature to me. Please bring back.

Dependable information

Recommend it ..

Very impressed!

Being a weather lover, I have many weather apps on my phone. Wunderground is my favorite, hands down. I highly recommend it!

My go-to weather app

Almost as good as the web site.

Rarely use it.

I stopped using it. The app was wrong a lot. 10% chance of rain, and it pours.


Finally a weather app that has it all!

Great App

This app is easy to use and very accurate. I use it all the time.

Works for me

I find it easy to use and it supports my weather station just fine.

Best Weather App

Easiest navigation. Most detailed forecasts. Never crashes.

Forget the weather channel

This app is great. the visuals are clean and informative. The data isnt dramatized like the weather channel who wants to sensationalize every rain shower into a storm so they get more screen time. Weather underground is accurate with enough detail but not polluted with crap. 1-1-17: The phone app is great but the watch app is garbage. It takes forever to load the complication never updates and always shows temps from hours/day before. If it functioned correctly it would be the best weather app for the watch hands down. Update 5-23-16: the Had issues with latest releases of the app. Not loading, not updating and the app for the watch is crap. It never loads quickly and sometimes never at all.

Very good app!!

Accurate weather reports! Great road conditions! Easy to use! Accurate storm warnings! I really like this app!!!

3.5 stars. Good but not great. Better than Weather Channel

This app does need some improvements. First off, I cant get severe weather notifications because Im in Canada (probably a place where we need even more notifications because, igloos and polar bears). Next, the weather radar doesnt go past an hour or two and the graphics move too quickly. Other than that, I REALLY appreciate that the ads arent intrusive or in your face which is the reason why I switched from The Weather Network. I like how you can switch on and off certain tiles which offer different types of information. Ill stick with this app for quite awhile hoping these changes are made. 3.5/5.

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